Delivering the AI Economy

Accelerate commercial returns through the power of AI and data.


Agorai helps companies accelerate commercial returns from AI solutions and data assets. The team continuously curates applied AI solutions, connecting them with companies that can best benefit from them, and helping those companies to quickly deliver meaningful, bottom-line value. Agorai’s data assets and infrastructure empower AI, increasing the scale of what businesses can achieve through technology.


Companies that adopt AI solutions leveraging relevant, differentiated data assets will be tomorrow’s market leaders. Agorai enables companies to become front runners in this new economic landscape, helping businesses gain a competitive advantage by providing access to the resources they need.



Agorai curates applied AI solutions, connects them with businesses that can benefit from them, and helps these businesses quickly deliver meaningful bottom line results.

Our product inventory provides practical solutions to the challenges facing companies in the financial services, healthcare, and retail industries. Working with Agorai makes AI solutions understandable, accessible, affordable and profitable to businesses of all sizes.

Financial Services – Agorai’s inventory features products supporting banks, asset managers, and insurers. Our solutions support the financial lifecycle from front to back office are proven to reduce cost and increase revenue. Use cases supported include Digital Banking, Middle and Back Office Optimization, Revenue Generating Insights, Fraud Detection, and Semantic Document Creation - LEARN MORE

Healthcare Solutions – Opportunities to apply AI to benefit patient health are nearly limitless. Agorai partners with product, consulting, and data firms to deliver Clinical-AI-as-a-Service solutions to improve patient care and reduce costs.

Retail and Advertising Solutions – Agorai supports the customer experience holistically – whether online or in-store. Agorai helps marketing teams better target spend, reduce costs, and provide a better customer experience. Use cases supported include Customer Behavior Analytics, Real Estate Price Optimization, Product Recommendation Engine, Media Arbitrage Spend, and Conversational Agents - LEARN MORE

Cross-Industry Solutions – Agorai has access to several solutions that support processes serving multiple industries like claims processing, customer response, order processing, and others. Use cases supported include Robotic and Intelligent Process Automation, Business Decision Support, and Cybersecurity.

Machine and Deep Learning – Agorai can provide core AI technology tools that ingest large amounts of data to identify insights, learn behaviors, and perform a variety of complex tasks to augment humans. Use cases supported include Search (Elastic, Multi-Lingual), Sentiment Analysis. Network Analytics (Relationship, Social),  Transaction Analysis (Threat, Fraud, Crime), and Text Mining Analysis.

Machine Vision – Agorai supports systems that leverage machine learning engines to identify and make actionable content from video and images. Use cases supported include Image Detection (Edge, Moving Object, Features) and Saliency (Feature Detection and Extraction).

Natural Language Understanding – Agorai can provide access to systems that leverage a variety of techniques to understand content and assess sentiment, as well as conceptual similarities in language. Use cases supported include Multi-Industry Text Classification, Content Sentiment Analysis, Content Contextual Understanding, and Content Summary Generation.



Agorai enables companies to make the most of their data assets. We provide the infrastructure and services required by businesses to create tangible value from their data.

Our solutions provide everything required to activate and drive value from data in the AI economy. Our infrastructure enables companies to aggregate, enrich, and share their data securely, maintaining control over one of their most powerful assets.

Data Trust Infrastructures – A data trust allows access to a store of data in a way that is fair, safe and equitable while enabling the data owner to receive value. Data trusts enable companies to leverage sensitive data assets while preserving privacy. Agorai can facilitate the ability of companies to deliver data trust infrastructure for business benefit.

Data Aggregation and Enrichment – Agorai is partnered with companies that provide unique or differentiated data assets. Multiple sources can be aggregated (as required) and used to enrich a company’s in-house data sets to improve the performance of AI solutions to produce deeper insights.

Secure Data Transfer – Mechanisms for safe and secure distribution of data assets are essential in the AI economy. Agorai’s tools for data infrastructure supports individual privacy and leverages distribution methods compliant with regulatory regimes such as GDPR and CCPA.