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Mike Mitchell

Mike Mitchell has over 25 years of experience in the enterprise technology industry as an entrepreneur, consultant, and leader of product and services organizations. He has been an early contributor to several successful startups, and has worked across functional and geographic boundaries of larger firms to maximize value for clients. For the past five years, Mike has been advising clients on innovation, product management, and business strategy.  Previously, he served as COO and Head of Product for MissionMode, where he built and ran a multi-tiered global communications platform from the ground up to facilitate enterprise collaboration and crisis management.

Earlier in his career, Mike drove product innovation and delivery at firms like PLATINUM technology, BroadVision and IBM. Mike holds a degree in Computer Science and Engineering from MIT, plus a minor in Music. He volunteers for organizations promoting the arts, entrepreneurship and STEM education, advises a number of technology startups, and is a mentor and board member for regional accelerator programs.