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Insight from Davos: AI Access

Posted by Josh Sutton on 2/26/19 10:28 PM
Josh Sutton

davosThe World Economic Forum in Davos was eye opening as AI was a prominent topic for discussion throughout event, both formally and in conversations with the delegates.

In years past, discussion at the forum centered around questions about the application of artificial intelligence, and AI’s potential, treating AI as an ifrather than a when. This year there was no question about the real world application of AI, as the discussion centered on how we leverage AI in business, and the scale of its impact around the world, both at the country and state level as well as in businesses both large and small. This massive shift in the discussions around AI in just a few short years, demonstrates the importance of AI and the adoption of it today and in the near term.

Embracing that AI is a matter of when, not if stirred, up some interesting discussions around ethical aspects of deploying AI. From these discussions, a recurring problem emerged. While AI can benefit businesses both large and small, only a limited group of the largest companies currently have benefit from AI to do access to money and resources. If only select companies have access to the latest technologies, then capital and power are all but guaranteed to be further concentrated within this closed group, widening the gap between those who can participate in the AI economy and those who cannot. Participants in emerging economies and small-scale businesses need access to the same business-changing technology if the market is to remain competitive.

Agorai has based its business model on this gap in the market. We are creating a distribution channel for entrepreneurs to provide AI tools and applications to all businesses to ensure their participation in the new AI economy and improve their bottom lines. Our goal is to use the ecosystem model to create an AI marketplace for developers, entrepreneurs, and businesses of all sizes to democratize the artificial intelligence landscape.

From an entrepreneur’s perspective, one of Agorai’s major differentiators is that it will provide developers access to technology they otherwise wouldn’t be able to take advantage of. No matter how great an idea is, access to core technologies is crucial in order to capitalize on that idea. Too often, access is limited to those with the ability to leverage capital from exclusive VCs. Agorai’s ecosystem will enable not only those organizations that are privileged by geography and capital, but every innovator with the talent, energy and passion to succeed. We’re looking to dissolve the barrier of access and cost for those people building new business models.

Conversations around access to AI like those at Davos will be integral as AI adoption becomes more widespread. Seeing leaders in various fields take these concerns seriously and begin addressing them is a step in the right direction for the future of AI.

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